Saving Money with Coupons

You CAN save money with coupons. It’s true. BUT they can be tricky and cause you to believe you need to buy these products when sometimes you SIMPLY DON’T. If you keep your head about you and use common sense you can save a lot of money with coupons. Please, just don’t fall into the mentality of “I might need this someday.” At the same time, don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. We’re simply trying to save money and I’m here to tell you the secret to winning the game of couponing:

1. Wait for a STORE SALE



For example, lets pretend that Target is having a sale on Colgate:

Luckily, you have 2 coupons!





Target’s coupon policy allows you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon so you can really save money. The transaction would look like this:

Regular Price $3.49 ON SALE for $2.99

Use your $.75 off Manufacturer Coupon

Use your $1.00 Target Store coupon

Final Price is $1.24

This is only the beginning! You can do so many different kinds of transactions when combing coupon stacking with sales.

We all have busy lives, so, on this site I am only going to post the best deals.

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