Daily Deal Sites

With the success of Groupon, there has been an explosion of Daily Deal Sites that are promoting everything from A to Z.  There are some great deals that you can get through these sites, and some not so great ones if you do not do your research.

I get emails from many daily deal sites every day and only post the ones that I feel are actually a good deal. I try to look for the ones that come with shipping included or FREE. I think Daily Deal Sites are great for items that you wouldn’t normally be able to discount as deeply with sales or coupons. Also, clothing and shoes can be great for some people but for my body shape…I need to try clothes on! So I do not tend to purchase these items. Daily Deal Sites are also great sites to purchase gifts. You can save on lots of quality merchandise this way!

Remember, DEALS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN, that being said, make sure you don’t get too wrapped up in purchasing every daily deal out there, look for the ones that you either NEED, really want, or are such a GREAT DEAL that you cannot pass on it.  Always do your research ahead of time, checking to make sure if shipping is included AND if it is not included how much is it.


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