Make Ahead DIY Dry Mixes

There are a lot of different reasons to make your own food. Here is a short list of why canned food can be problematic:

  • Sodium Overload
  • Chemical Overload
  • Creates Waste
  • Takes Up a Lot of Space
  • More Expensive

There are even more reasons, but you get the idea. One of the reasons I’m trying to cut down on canned food is due to the fact that MOST EVERY canned food item contains the chemical BPA. Read more about the studies done by Consumer Reports here. Eden Organics, however, is the pioneer in BPA Free Canned Goods and are a great option if cooking dry beans doesn’t work for you. I love a company with Integrity!

Try some of these recipes next time you want to simplify your food and pantry:

Whole Grain Pancake Mix

Pancake MixCream of Mushroom Soup Mix

Soup MixTaco Seasoning

taco seasoningDo you have any dry mixes that save you time and money? Let us know!

Thanks FreshStartNutrition for these recipes!

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