Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a fun and friendly place to shop for groceries and household items at consistently affordable prices without couponing. My favorite everyday deals at this store are:

• Organic Sliced Apples: $2.99/1 lb.
• Bananas: $.19/ea.
• Butternut Squash: $1.99/ea.
• Onions: $.69/ea.
• Bell Peppers: $?

• Multi-grain Frozen Waffles (8 ct.): $1.99
• Chicken Breasts (size?): ?

• Kashi TLC 7 Grain Crackers: $2.69
• Salt: $?
• Pepper: $?
• Spices: $?
• Oatmeal: $?

• Cleaners: $?

Pet Care:
• Name of Cat Litter: $3.99

Personal Care:
• Facial Cleansing Clothes: $2.99
• Tissue:


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