COFFEE – We Love It!


World Market’s French Roast – Ground (10 oz.): $5.99
*We use for French Press Coffee

To make this deal even sweeter: Sign-up for their World Market Explorer Reward Program. When you buy 6 bags of coffee, you’ll get the next bag free, but…WAIT! It gets even better: Purchase your coffee in store or online on Wednesdays, and you’ll receive double credits. Buy one bag; get two credits toward your free bag! For coffee drinkers like us…this deal adds up fast. Also, for every $100 you spend in their grocery section you earn $10 off your next purchase. The savings keep adding up!

Café Bustelo – Ground (10 oz.): $3.89 (Walmart) *Compared to $6.99 at Safeway
*We use this exclusively for this Iced Coffee Recipe.

Trader Joe’s French Roast – Ground (10 0z.): $5.49
*This is a great price on a great coffee…we prefer the taste of World Market for French Press though. I imagine this would be a delicious drip coffee.

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