Find Coupons!

In order to use coupons…you must FIRST find coupons! So Where do you find these valuable gems? Coupons can be found almost anywhere! There are many different types of coupons you can use to help your family save.


Here are the most common:


  • Sunday newspaper: I personally purchase two newspapers each Sunday. I feel that for my needs (we are a 2 person household) this is plenty and doesn’t cause for excess waste. Most weeks there are Red Plum (RP) and SmartSource (SS) inserts depending on your region and also occasionally bonus inserts from Proctor & Gamble (P&G), General Mills (GM) and others.
  • Internet: printable coupons: There are so many coupons online! Remember, printing costs money too…so don’t print coupons you don’t think you’ll use. Here is a list of coupon sites that offer printable coupons.
  • Coupon mailers from unsolicited companies or from a manufacturer with whom you have signed up in the mail or online. BE READY for mailings!
  • Inside products or on the box of a product: My favorite! It means its for something I already love and enjoy!
  • Loaded to your savings card, if available, or to your cell phone: More about e-Coupons here.
  • Store Weekly Circular or In-store: Stores like Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons and Target often have weekly in-store coupons. Find out more about Store Coupons here.
  • Catalina/CAT: Ever wonder why you get those long coupon printouts sometimes? Those are “Catalina Coupons” and are triggered by an item(s) purchased. You can use these on your next transaction. Learn more about Catalinas HERE
  • Blinkie/Tear Pad: These are coupons from a small blinkie machine or pad – typically near the product itself. I always grab these in case there is an upcoming sale!
  • Peelie: These are the coupons found on the product itself. Always a pleasant surprise!

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